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Sponsor a Goat for a Year

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For $375/yr, you will become a crucial part of supporting the health and wellness of our herd at Stepladder Creamery. First, we will select a goat for you and send you a welcome email with photos of her and an introduction within a week of purchase. Your annual sponsorship will include a quarterly assortment of goodies from the farm (~$35 value + shipping) which could include honey, fruit and/or cheese along with an update on your goat and a polaroid photo of her every 3 months! These shipments will go out the second week of February, May, August and November, so whichever comes up soonest will be your first shipment of four total.

For $100/yr, you will not receive any product from the farm, but we'll send you a welcome email and quarterly updates and photos of your goat. Supporting us in this way is a HUGE help and we appreciate your generosity, participation and engagement as we nurture this herd of amazing animals.

*DISCLOSURE: By sponsoring a goat, please be aware that there are circumstances out of our control which could result in injury, illness, rehoming or death of an animal. If this occurs, we will communicate with you openly and reassign you a healthy, producing goat from our herd. For out of state purchases, shipping will be charged at checkout.

If you have any questions about goat sponsorship, please email Jill at!